Lawton Stables

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Lawton Stables puts the quiet calm of the horse culture within moments of Harbour Town Yacht Club. Whether you mount up or just visit these handsome creatures with your family, there’s something here to put you back in touch with a gentler time.

Lawton Stables offers daily guided trail rides through the tranquil Sea Pines Forest Preserve (for those eight years old and older, reservations required), pony rides for kids aged seven and under, and a free small animal farm that is open to the public seven days a week.

Their small animal farm, which is free for everyone, allows you to get up close and personal with some very sweet and friendly creatures – goats, sheep, miniature donkeys, rabbits, chickens, pot-bellied pigs and alpacas.

The pony rides encircle the animal farm and children seven and under are able to take a pony ride on one of several adorable Shetland ponies.

Not to be missed is Harley, a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Harley is an 18.2 hand Clydesdale (the kind you see in the Budweiser ads) who acts as the official greeter of Lawton Stables.  He is always hanging out by the fence, waiting for a carrot or a pat on the nose.