People become members of Harbour Town Yacht Club for reasons that are just as unique as they are themselves.  Whatever the reason you join, what you enjoy as a member turns out to be more than you imagined at first.  Members use their accommodations here for vacations, as a second home, a retreat for business associates – - some Hilton Head Island residents even maintain a membership to use as a gracious guest house.

Junior Member Benefits:

  • Junior members must be below the age of 40 with pricing set by the Club as follows:
    • 29 years old and younger purchase price: $4,000.00
    • 30-40 Years of age purchase price: $2,500.00
  • Junior Memberships renew annually as long as the members is under 40 and is secured with timely dues payments
  • Junior Memberships would pay half of the equity membership dues
  • Junior Memberships expire on December 31 of the year the Member turns 40
  • Junior Membership that expire for age revert back to the Club
  • Junior Members may purchase an Equity membership at any time off the open market
  • Junior memberships would get 14 nights in residence
  • Junior membership nights will accrue twice the points per night for advanced reservations purposes
  • Access to bonus nights as put forth for Equity members
  • Will be allowed to bank one week with interval international
  • Limit of one junior membership per person
  • No splitting of junior memberships
  • Junior Memberships cannot vote
  • Junior memberships my renounce their membership at any time and the membership reverts to the Club
  • If a junior membership is 90 days Past Due then the membership reverts to the Club and all Future reservations are delete

Please contact the General Manager: Victor Davidson to discuss the membership and have any questions answered.

Victor Davidson
General Manager
(843) 671-1400