Welcome to the Harbour Town Yacht Club

The Heart of Hilton Head

This is the spot where Hilton Head Island was invented. The original idea of blending a European-style seaside village with the glorious subtropical comforts of a Carolina barrier island began right here. No place has kept the faith better than Harbour Town Yacht Club.

For more than 30 years Harbour Town Yacht Club has been the centerpiece of Hilton Head Island at its best. The founder’s vision is alive here today.

Harbour Town Yacht Club has been recognized as the epitome of Sea Pines living. Founded not only for yacht owners, but for anyone who appreciates being at the heart of things, we have been home to the accomplished, the gracious, the perceptive for more than 30 years.

The balance of innovation and tradition, the preservation of nature, the respect for people and their finer inclinations – all these basic values are expressed here in a remarkable kind of hospitality.